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The Negotiation Breakfast: Agency and procurement, is conflict inevitable?

About the event


The commoditisation of marketing services and the rapid introduction of procurement professionals into the purchasing process for Agency services creates two inevitable pressure points:

The first is a fundamental difference in objectives; agencies want to sell more services for a higher profit whilst the procurement mantra is more for less.

The second pressure point is a divergence in how the two parties deal with this inevitable conflict.

The negotiation breakfast had two superb speakers who together provided a unique insight into the procurement perspective/approach and thought provoking tips on how to deal with procurement throughout the negotiation process.

About the speakers


Sarah Billson –   Now a partner in Tickling the Trout, a leading consultancy offering insight into how procurement works and thinks.  Prior to this she built and led the Global Marketing Services Procurement function for a worldwide FTSE 100 FMCG company.  She can help you to understand what makes procurement tick.

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Alan Smith – Now a partner in Scotwork, the worlds largest negotiation skills consultancy.  Prior to this Alan set up and was CEO of Alcone Marketing; after 16 years he sold the business to Omnicom, in what Alan would class the toughest negotiation of his life

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Who attended?


50 delegates joined us on the day; typically CEO’s, MD’s, business owners and CFO’s.

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