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Talentarc |Cannes Video Highlights

“Leading Creative Talent”

How do you manage, motivate and maintain creativity? We asked those questions and more in our interactive panel session on ‘Leading Creative Talent’ at this years Cannes Lions.

We partnered with the IAA to bring you a cabana filled with the ‘crème de la crème’ of the industry, ready to ‘parle’! On the panel we had; Robbie Douek (Managing Director, EMEA at Maker Studios Inc), Glen Taylor (CEO of Taylor James), Rob Sherlock (CEO and Worldwide ECD, ADK Global) and facilitating this discussion was Simon Samuel (Managing Director, Talentarc).

“During a very hot session in the IAA cabana at Cannes, we had an excellent discussion around how to ‘Manage Creativity’ and in turn, how to lead creative talent.” – Simon Samuel.

Watch our video highlights below.

Some of the key themes were:

– You can’t straight jacket creativity. Allow people space and the environment to think and develop their own ideas.

– Communication is critical. Whilst corporate goals may be different to creative ambition, they do not need to be at complete odds if teams, leaders and individuals effectively communicate their own objectives and the reasons for them.

– Some level of conflict is needed to inspire creativity – a room full of “Yes Men” isn’t going to come up with the next big (or even small) thing.

– Talent is critical. Organisations that recruit the best people, who challenge each other and ask questions, were deemed to have a highly increased chance of creative and overall success.

– Listen to your customers – the world is changing faster than organisations can cope with if they just really on internal resources.”