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As a partner to some of London’s most exciting and innovative startups, we take an active interest in what’s happening throughout the startup scene. Here are a selection of the most exciting and insightful startup stories from the past week.


Startup Funding

Goldman Sachs backed UK fintech startup Neyber with a £100m investment. The startup provides loans via employers with the staff benefiting from competitive rates – read.

Mobile location startup Location Sciences launched with a £3.1m fund to help businesses understand customers by analysing precise location data – read.

Startup Scene

UK AI startups have raised £100m this year, with a new one launching every week – read.


Following a TFL investigation Taxify has temporarily stopped operating in London – read.

Meanwhile Uber has announced plans to electrify all UberX cars by 2019 and their entire fleet by 2025 – read.

And finally Brian Acton, Co-founder of Whatsapp has quit to head up a not-for-profit organsation – read.

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