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Technology in the hands of businessmen

Is Your Recruiter Into Technology?

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There is a new criterion in the search for a recruitment partner.

The final frontier for recruitment lies with the combination of man and machine, common sense and software, empathy and analytics. Technology is enabling recruitment like never before, and if it is asked the right questions, it can provide the answers to many of our industry’s woes.

Recruiters that trawl their databases, pick up the phone, ascertain a basic fit and send the candidate off to interview simply don’t peel back enough layers. Insights about the candidate throughout the interview process are granular and subject to individual biases – without technology the conversations remain superficial: “Yes, he was a good fit, wasn’t he. He seems to tick most of the boxes.”

Sorry, what boxes were they again? In which ways does he “fit” and in which ways doesn’t he fit? Have we really got an objective way of measuring him against all the others? No? Well, maybe today is simply a sunny day, and we are feeling good about life. Let’s hire him.

Technology gives us to tools to measure feelings, to benchmark achievements, and to compare apples with apples. It is everything that is swirling around in our brains but presented in an accessible and standardised way. There is a valid argument that you cannot categorise a person as a number, but if you have enough of those numbers, then they provide a consistent starting point for further discussions.

In short, your recruiter should be passionate about technology – otherwise they will be continuing to fumble around in the dark.

Tech enables recruiters to “recruit” from anywhere – they no longer need to sit in a windowless interview room to get what they need from their candidates. It will allow hiring companies to interact with potential hires way before they make a decision to move, rather than simply talking at them in the few stressful days before they make one of the biggest decisions in their lives. Mobile recruiting will make the process immediate, and decisions will no longer be delayed because the CEO is on holiday – they can access all your data, interview recordings, etc, on their tablet on the beach. Talent pools will widen, and geography will become less of a barrier – the global talent market will be open for business.

By far the biggest advantage of recruitment technology, however, is its capacity for analytics. Many companies are now able to quantify what makes their top employees stand out, and they look for these qualities in their new hires. With the evolution of Big Data and Social Recruiting, there is ample raw data to draw all sorts of fascinating conclusions, across the entire interview process.

We at TalentArc have invested a huge amount of time in our own bespoke solution – “Talent i360.” When used seamlessly by our experienced consultants, it offers a wealth of insight and ensures that the best decisions are made. Our clients value our “opinions” because they are backed up by solid data.

Technology helps to quantify the inexplicable. You still can’t beat “that” feeling when someone walks into the room, and you know that they are the right person for the job, but analytics help you to feel secure in your gut feel.